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In order to enter a Competition the Owner(s) and Handler(s) must be a member of, and all Dogs registered with, ADAA as at the close of entries (excluding late entries). Membership number and Dog registration number must be included on all entries. Please ensure that all Competition entry forms are signed by the owner, especially when the dog is to be handled by another person. Juniors wishing to be eligible for Junior Handler Owned & Trained Certificates need to complete and lodge the JHOT registration form.  Juniors entering a competition, or handling a dog at a competition, will need to submit the Parent/Guardian Permission Slip (8kb PDF) with their entries.

Although every effort is made to keep this page accurate, dates are subject to change. Please check for schedules closer to the date.  You can also contact the club hosting the event.  Download an Entry Form (available in Excel, Word or PDF formats), and see the articles on Finding a Team or Pair and also How to Apply for a Title over a Multiday Competition.  The articles on Agility Competition Etiquette, The Games We Play and Games, Where do I Start? and Tips for your first competition may also be of interest.  Check out the weather at the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Note:  The schedules linked below will open in a new window on your browser.

Q = Queensland date   N = New South Wales date  W = Western Australia
= Victoria    A = All States

2014 Events
Date Event Location
W 01.11-02.11.14 ADAA competition for titles - EHDF Eden Hill - Sat & Sun


01.11-02.11.14 ADAA competition for titles ADAA Douglas Park - Sat & Sun


08.11.14 ADAA Board Meeting - Sat


22.11.14 ADAA competition for titles ADAA Glendenning - Sat


22.11.14 ADAA competition for titles - WAAG Southport - Sat


28.11.14 ADAA competition for titles - PADS (Beginners) Eatons Hill - Fri


06.12.14 ADAA competition for titles ADAA Glendenning - Sat


06.12.14 ADAA competition for titles - BAD (venue ADCQ grounds) Tivoli - Sat
W 06.12-07.12.14 ADAA competition for titles - EHDF Eden Hill - Sat & Sun

ADAA National Grand Prix dates future years:
2 to 5 October 2015
30 September to 3 October 2016
29 September to 2 October 2017
28 September to 1 October 2018


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